I Draft God as my Quarterback

The NFL Draft was held from April 25, 2019 through April 27, 2019. So many college football players’ dreams came true during the draft. All of the hard work over the years in the classroom, as well as on the football field, has put many NFL athletes in a position to not only change their own lives, but also the lives of their loved ones. Some of them may be able to pay for their younger siblings to go to college, purchase a new home for their parents that is so much needed and deserved, or even buy their dad a new pickup truck. Congratulations to all of those who were drafted during this year’s draft because you have worked most of your life to get this opportunity. I also want to congratulate the athletes who were not drafted, but will still try out for NFL Teams and will have an opportunity to make a team. There is definitely “more than one way to skin a cat.”

One could argue that every position on a football team is very important to the overall success of the team, and I agree with the theory that if everyone steps up to the plate and does their job, the team will be successful. Yet, I doubt that many can dispute the importance of the Quarterback to any NFL Football team. Do you think that the New England Patriots would have won their 6th Super Bowl if Tom Brady was not their Quarterback? When a team or franchise looks at the Quarterback position they look for so much more than who can throw the hardest or the furthest. They look at who can set the tone for their entire franchise and be their leader. They look for someone who is calm in the face of adversity and chaos. They ultimately look for someone who the team or franchise believes in and can count on in every situation. The Arizona Cardinals apparently believe that a Quarterback position is important to a team, because with the very first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft they selected Kyler Murray from Oklahoma, who is a Quarterback. Having the opportunity to select any college player that played any position they chose the 2018 Heisman Trophy Award Winner, who just happens to be a Quarterback, to lead their team.

As I reflect on the draft I couldn’t help but think of it on a bigger scale. A scale that is not just confined to the weight room, the film room or the football field. I envisioned the draft on a real life and spiritual level involving a spiritual team, and it prompted me to ask myself a question. “Who would I choose if I had the very first pick in my life and spiritual draft if I was the President or General Manager of my own team?” Taking into consideration the fact that the Quarterback is one of the most important positions on the team, I draft God to lead my team. I choose Him with the first overall pick in the draft pick because I know that He is a proven leader and that He can take my team to the next level. I choose Him because I know that He will always be there and I can reach out to Him day or night. I choose Him because I know that He will hold everyone on the team accountable. I play wide receiver and I know that if I want to perform at a high level then we have to be on the same page. I know that if I’m not in the right posture and prepared to catch the ball or His blessing that He is about to throw me then I will truly miss out. I know that if I don’t run the correct route/pattern and end up where I’m supposed to be, I will again miss out on catching that pass or His blessing. I’m drafting God because I know that if I do everything that I’m supposed to do He will deliver every time, I will score and my team will prosper and win. This is why “I Draft God as my Quarterback!”

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