If you are leading, reading this book will undoubtedly make you better.  Hearing firsthand, the journeys, experiences, the struggles, and the testimonies of three dynamic leaders will set you on a collision course with the realities of leadership.  One of which being the fact that as a leader you cannot afford to have a bad day.  “Never Have a Bad Day, A Guide to a Lifestyle of Leadership” will provide you with a strong foundation as you begin or continue this marathon race that we call leadership.  

You will not hear from leaders of Fortune 500 companies, but instead you will hear from a diverse team of leaders, who are in the trenches of everyday life, that you can relate to.  This treasure chest will cause you to re-evaluate yourselves as leaders, realizing that in order for you to be the very best leader that you can be, you will have to be flexible enough to continue to stretch and grow.

In this book, we will cover some of the most common pain points that ALL leaders will go through and experience at some point during the course of their careers.

Regardless of your nationality, age, race, or gender, Kelvin Waites' message will improve the lives of all who read it. The book's motivational stories and passages of courage, sacrifice, and pure determination shows us that we can find success and happiness no matter what adversities we are confronted with. "Hit'em Before They Hit You" is about having the will to accomplish our goals while possessing a quiet confidence that demands respect. It's about meeting new challenges head on and finding the courage to press on even when you cannot clearly see your way. Mr. Waites explores becoming a leader and how leaders impact and influence the people they are called to lead. He shows how to sacrifice one's own comforts to put the well-being of others first.

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